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abx2dx\int_{a}^{b} x^2 dx

Syntax examples

All definitions and syntax explanations are accompanied by inline, rendered examples (compiler output)! You'll see

  • keywords side-by-side with the math symbols they represent
  • appropriate emphasis from bold and italics all the way to font size, overline, and underline
  • all LaTeX output rendered as HTML and CSS for optimal speed

Organized by category

We've categorized all of the information (everything from equations to line spacing to greek letters) by category so it's simple to find what you're looking for.

  • Commands and keywords refer to macros like \sum and \int.
  • Symbols includes documentation for macros like \infty and \epsilon.
  • Formatting includes options like align, double space, header, list, new line / line break, and new page / page break.
  • Styles has options such as bold, italics, color, font size, overline, and underline.
  • Packages is a growing list of common packages with usage examples and information.

Large and growing

We've documented hundreds of LaTeX macros, packages, and configuration options, and we're adding more content every week! Please let us know if there's anything you'd particularly like to see added to our knowledge base. We're very responsive and we love hearing from folks who find our service useful.